Duke & ella

Named for two of our heroes, Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald, Duke & Ella is an ever-evolving white blend inspired by the creative wavelength that we share as husband and wife.  The masculine meeting the feminine, the graceful meeting the brassy, it is a wine defined by floral aromatics, intense minerality, and acid-driven structure.

pink flag

In a sea of punk that all sounded the same, an arms race of who could have more attitude, Wire stood out.  Their first album, Pink Flag, is the inspiration for our Rose .  In a sea of insipid pink wines, we seek out the savory, the strange, the oxidative, the animale.  Partially aged under flor, similar to Vin Jaune or Sherry, we embrace the odd to craft a Rose that has an opinion.  Salted strawberries savored oceanside; saline kiss of a Pacific tryst.  


The grape that started it all for us, Carignane holds a special place in our hearts.  We fell in love with its wild iterations in the Roussillon, though the way we choose to interpret it is inspired equally by Poulsard from the Jura.  As a result, Amplify Carignane is a delicate, lithe, limpid red wine with just a hint of the savage.


Solera method Merlot.  Inspired by the work of hip-hop producer J Dilla, with Lightworks we explore the concept of place removed from time.  In essence, it as an endless loop of site.  Voluptuous, curvaceous, but with sharp elbows; chocolate and macerated fruit shares equal space with scorched earth and wet asphalt.