2015 Merlot, Santa Barbara County

2015 Merlot, Santa Barbara County



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Merlot grown near the Santa Ynez River is a thing of great beauty.  The soils in this part of the valley are a perfect mix of clay, gravel, and sand.  The climate, warm but not hot, ripens the grape without losing freshness.  The farming is impeccable, treating these mature (22-year-old) vines with the respect they deserve.  

Cam used to work at the Los Olivos Café, in whose alley Paul Giamatti uttered the infamous “I’m not drinking any fucking Merlot!” line.  Well, we drink a lot of fucking Merlot- old Napa from the ‘70s, old Pomerol and St.-Emilion from the ‘80s, the new cadre of producers in Bordeaux’s satellite regions making affordable expressions of the grape, our friends and neighbors in Santa Ynez working with the fruit- and work to craft something befitting this lineage.  How does it taste?  Like licking blueberries from soil-covered hands; like eating baker’s chocolate in a briar patch.  We love it.  

100% Merlot, Los Olivos District, Santa Ynez Valley

Alcohol: 14.47%

Finished pH: 3.6

Primary Fermentation: Native yeast

Secondary fermentation: Native bacteria, 100% ML

Aging: 12 months neutral oak

Unfined and Unfiltered

Hand bottled by gravity

Ingredients: Grapes, Minimum effective SO2 (15 ppm at bottling, none during elevage or crush)

74 cases produced