2016 Carignane, Camp 4 Vineyard, Santa Ynez Valley

2016 Carignane, Camp 4 Vineyard, Santa Ynez Valley


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2017 Carignane New Release - February 2018

Each year we work with Carignane from Camp 4, we refine our process a little more.  We've slowly moved from pure carbonic maceration to more semi-carbonic practices.  In 2016, we hand sorted whole clusters into 1.5 ton fermenters, foot crushing just the bottom of each tank.  We then sealed them and gassed once a day with carbon dioxide, pressing after a week.  While there is a definite kinship with previous vintages in its resemblance to wines like Etna Rosso or Poulsard from the Jura, it has really come into its own as something truly singular, highly reflective of the soils and character of Camp 4 more than anything.  2016 has a savoriness and mineral crunch that we adore, while still being light on its feet; this remains a red you can put a chill on and enjoy with an incredibly wide array of foods.  


Alcohol: 13.5%

Finished pH: 3.5

Primary Fermentation: Native yeast

Secondary fermentation: Native bacteria, 100% ML

Aging: 6 months neutral oak

Soil: Positas gravelly loam laced with serpentine

Unfined and Unfiltered

Hand bottled by gravity

243 cases produced

Ingredients: Sustainably farmed grapes, neutral oak barrels, 15 ppm Sulfur Dioxide (Solely at bottling)