2018 Mixtape

2018 Mixtape



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Mixtape is a collaboration between Amplify and partners Tyler Bell and Sara Philpott. Lovers of natural wine, vinyl, and great food, Tyler and Sara became fast friends of ours through our travels. Seeking an opportunity to collaborate on a project that would combine our shared love of wine, music, and art, we created Mixtape. 

Viewing a great mixtape as a series of disparate songs coming together to form a cohesive whole, we approached our Mixtape wine from this perspective, combining grapes both red and white, from different sites, fermented and approached in slightly varying styles. The resultant wine is a cohesive, moving whole, a light, succulent red wine that possesses the freshness and brightness of a white wine, the buoyancy and joyfulness of a rosé, and the savory aromatics and textural presence of a red wine. For government labeling purposes, we call it a “red table wine”, though we find it to be much more versatile than that simple label suggests. 33% Grenache Blanc, 33% Refosco, 30% Tempranillo, 4% Merlot. All organically farmed. Only addition is 10 ppm SO2 at bottling. Unfined and Unfiltered. Aged in neutral oak for 3 months. 

Tres Hermanas- Grenache Blanc and Refosco- Organically farmed, dry farmed
Cinque Stelle- Tempranillo- Organically farmed
Coquelicot- Merlot- Organically farmed

33% Refosco (1/3 destemmed and fermented whole berry on the skins, the other 2/3 direct-to-press and cofermented with Grenache Blanc)

33% Grenache Blanc (direct-to-press, cofermented with Refosco)

30% Tempranillo (destemmed, fermented whole berry on the skins)

4% Merlot (destemmed, fermented whole berry, only press juice added)

Risograph print by Martian Press / Stephanie Lane Gage