2018 Four on the Flor - "Extended Mix"

2018 Four on the Flor - "Extended Mix"


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Losing one’s self in music is one of life’s great pleasures: Dancing- in your bedroom, at a club, in a friend’s living room- without self-consciousness is a freeing experience. Our first release of Rose this year, “Four On the Flor,” paid homage to the throbbing rhythm of house and disco, two genres that we frequently lose ourselves in. 

As with previous iterations of our rose, half of that wine was aged under Flor, with the other half topped up. Flor development in 2018 was the best we’d ever seen, and so we decided to hold back a single barrel, the one which showed the thickest flor. This barrel- aged entirely under flor, and spending an additional 3 months in barrel before hand bottling- is our “extended mix.”

Paying homage to the extended mix 12” singles we love, this is the same wine, with its rhythmic pulse elongated, intensified, and amplified. It is recognizable as the same song, yet is strikingly different. Bearing much closer resemblance to Fino sherry, the notes of bruised apple, almond, and iodine ride higher in the mix than the original four on the flor, while the more traditional red fruit and floral notes are secondary. 

It is a cerebral wine to be sure, but it still shares the sensuality of its sister wine, and perhaps hews even closer to the feeling of being lost in the groove.