2018 "Para Pato"

2018 "Para Pato"


Methode Ancestrale (Pet Nat)


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Fausto “El Pato” Sosa was Mar’s dad. A professional musician since he was a teenager in Oaxaca, Fausto was a saxophone player (his duck lips earning him the “pato” nickname, just like his father before him, who was also a saxophonist). He eventually found success with the band Grupo Anhelo (along with Mar’s uncles). An artist, a father, and a wild spirit, we unfortunately lost him to cancer in 2011. We made this wine as a tribute to his memory, his energy, and his legacy. 

Our first ever sparkling wine is a marriage of homage and kismet. Our friend Ryan, who farms the vineyard in eastern Santa Maria where this fruit comes from, had made a little bit of red wine out of it in 2017 for himself. Tasting it out of tank, I thought “whoa! This reminds me of Donati!” That’s Camillo Donati, master of Lambrusco, one of the wines that Mar and I have obsessed about over the years. Thus began an unexpected foray into making bubbles. Inspired by the Lambrusco of Donati, this wine was produced using the ancestral method, aka pet nat, meant to capture a purity of variety and site. 

“Para Pato” is 100% Refosco, organically farmed and dry farmed, produced with absolutely no additions. Like Pato, this wine is full of rambunctious energy and a spirit of mischief. It captures the essence of Refosco- white pepper, dark and brambly fruits-in a bright, joyous package.

In honor of Pato, a portion of proceeds will be donated to Mission Hope Cancer Center here in the Santa Maria Valley.

100% Refosco

No additions

Riddled, disgorged, and bottled by hand

Disgorged 1/19/19

Brix at harvest: 21.9

ph- 3.2

Vineyard: Tres Hermanas, organically farmed and dry farmed. 

Label photograph by Mark Velasquez