"Lightworks" Vol. 1

"Lightworks" Vol. 1



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Volume 2 Release - Fall 2018

Lightworks is Merlot crafted using the solera method.  Inspired by the works of sampling pioneer J Dilla, particularly his album Donuts, we think of this wine as an infinite loop, eliminating vintage to express a picture of site removed from time. This is mostly 2016, along with 15% 2015 and 1% 2014.

Coquelicot Vineyard.  Organically farmed.  Soil: Gravel loam (Ballard series)

Primary fermentation: Native yeast.  
Secondary fermentation: Native bacteria.  100% ml
Aging: 100% Neutral oak, solera method
SO2: 15 ppm, solely at bottling
Alcohol: 14.7%
Finished pH: 3.6

Unfined and Unfiltered.  Hand bottled.  68 cases produced.